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Vets attend CityU cytology and oncology seminar

Mavis Wong

Nearly 30 veterinarians learned about the latest practices in cytology and oncology at a two-day continuing education programme at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) from 28 to 29 August. 
The two-day programme was organised by the School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) at CityU and the Hong Kong Veterinary Association.
In the seminar, guest speakers Dr Kurt Verkest and Dr Neel Aziz, senior practitioners in cytology and surgical pathology, discussed different fields of cytology and oncology.
They talked about practicing cytology in skin tumours and lymph nodes and surgical pathology, and how to examine a histopathology report. 
In a workshop series titled “Cytology for the General Practitioner”, they also shared good practices and provided opportunities for participants to discuss complex cases they had encountered in their careers.
“There is a strong demand for specialist training in veterinary studies,” said Dr Howard Wong Kai-hay, Executive Director of Professional Veterinary Education and Development in the SVM.
“CityU’s School of Veterinary Medicine will offer professional courses and services to promote local veterinarians’ professional knowledge and service quality,” he added.