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CityU research team (1st row from left: Professor Lu Jian and Dr Wu Ge; 2nd row from left: Dr Zhu Linli, Dr Chan Ka-cheung and Dr Sun Ligang)
A CityU research team has successfully developed the first-ever supra-nano magnesium alloy with ultra-high strength and deformation capacity, offering potential for biodegradable implants in the human body.
Scientists working on a project led by CityU have found a way to develop novel materials by manipulating the nanoscale structure of metallic glass.
A CityU-led research project on cloud security has been awarded HKD5.98 million in the Collaborative Research Fund in the 2016–17 exercise.
Professor Wang Jun in the Department of Computer Science has received the 2016 Achievement Award at an national science and technology award ceremony.
The energy you spend in daily activities, such as exercising, walking or even sitting and typing in front of the computer, will no longer be wasted, but converted to electrical energy for powering-up your smart electronics through a wearable energy-harvesting device developed by CityU.
A research project has been granted worth more than HK$11 million from the National Science and Technology Major Project for ultralight, small antennas developed by the Department of Electronic Engineering and State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves.
Cross Generational Attitude – Fallacy and Reality
Young people will be more friendly to senior citizens if they know more about ageing, according to a cross-generation survey conducted by CityU.
The findings of a research titled “Approaching the Ideal Elastic Strain Limit in Silicon Nanowires,” led by MBE will bring revolutionary changes to medical equipment.
Terahertz research receives $28m in funding
A top international research team led by CityU has been awarded HK$28 million for the design of a compact and affordable terahertz system.
Artificial leaves developed by CityU and partners can help to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
A new material developed by CityU and NJUST researchers holds great promise for the aerospace industry.
Dr Fung
Learning traditional Chinese martial arts has a direct bearing on reducing aggressive behaviour, delinquent behaviour and attention problems among schoolchildren, according to a recent study conducted by CityU.
Aerial micro-robots can stay aloft longer thanks to an energy-saving device created by a team of Harvard roboticists and an engineer at CityU.
A survey commissioned by CityU and St. James' Settlement raises concern about the well-being of children from stepfamilies.
A survey conducted by CityU on the prospects and upward mobility opportunities in the accounting sector found that the development of the accounting sector in Hong Kong may probably be in “bottleneck”.
New research conducted by CityU and St. James’ Settlement sheds light on the views that secondary school students have towards planning for their future lives.
CityU-led projects secure $25m in record-breaking funding
Four research projects led by CityU have received $25 million from the Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) Scheme under the Research Grants Council (RGC).
“National security bill” was the hottest new word, according to the 2015 LIVAC Pan-Chinese New Word Rosters.
Hong Kong people had the lowest score of happiness index as well as levels of satisfaction in all aspects of life quality when compared to residents in Japan and Korea, according to a survey by CityU.
New research conducted by CityU reveals that positive education is effective in mitigating secondary school students’ depression and anxiety conditions.
CityU researchers have been awarded RMB 40 million in funding for 70 research projects in 2015 through the CityU Shenzhen Research Institute.
The “HOPE Hong Kong 2015” survey found that the number of homeless people staying in 24-hour fast-food shops overnight was four times higher than in 2013.
The latest survey that the Department of Management Sciences participated in shows consumer confidence rises in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau but drops slightly in Taiwan.
A research project on developing tools that will improve safety and dependability of High Speed Rail and Metro Systems led by CityU has received more than HK$40 million in funding.
Major political figures dominated the 2015 LIVAC Pan-Chinese Media Personality Roster.