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The CityU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory was officially launched on 10 July, marking a milestone in the development of veterinary medicine in Hong Kong and the region.
A high-tech enterprise specialising in 3D sensing technology founded by an alumnus of CityU was included in the 2017 China Unicorn Enterprise Development Report compiled by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
Groundbreaking wireless charging technology developed by CityU has contributed towards the highest-ever license fee revenues by the University for any invention.
A number of CityU community members have been named on the 2018 Honours List.
The launch of the School of Data Science and the Hong Kong Institute for Data Science at CityU heralds a new era in higher education in Hong Kong.
(From left) Professor Lu Lei and Professor Lu Ke, Co-chair of NANO 2018; Professor Lu Jian, Chair of NANO 2018; Dr Elisabetta Agostinelli, Chairman of International Committee on Nanostructured Materials; and Professor Nie Jianfeng, Chair of the next NANO, officiate the Conference.
The 14th International Conference on Nanostructured Materials was held from 24 to 29 June at CityU. The IAS Materials Summit ran concurrently with the conference.
In a world’s first, a team of researchers at CityU has developed a magnetic 3D-printed microscopic robot that can carry cells to precise locations in live animals.
CityU and KI signed an MOU to establish a framework for collaboration on 19 June.
Professor Way Kuo, President of CityU, shared his key to success with students while officiating in speech days at four secondary schools in May and June.
The second steering committee of the Leaders Circle will fortify CityU’s interactions with industry and business sectors, solicit resources for student development and expand its research applications.
HKSTP delegation visits CityU
A delegation from HKSTP led by Mrs Fanny Law Fan Chiu-fun, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, visited laboratories at CityU on 1 June.
(From left) Professor Kuo, Mr Wong, Mrs Yip, Dr Yip and Professor Lee officiate the unveiling ceremony.
Student Residence Hall 8 at CityU has been named Yip Yuen Yuk Hing Hall in appreciation of the support and generous donation of Dr and Mrs Yip Kit-chuen.
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Professor Park Nam-gyu from Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea delivered an IAS Distinguished Lecture titled “Lead Halide Perovskite: Photovoltaics and Beyond” on 11 June.
Two PhD candidates at CityU have been awarded prestigious Fulbright–RGC Hong Kong Research Scholar Awards by the US government in recognition of their promising work.
PhD students at CityU won the First Prize in the Category of Life Sciences and the Top Prize in the Category of Innovation in the “Challenge Cup” National Competition – Hong Kong Regional Final.
A faculty member and two alumni from the School of Creative Media at CityU were honoured at the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2017.
The Sixth Standing Committee of the CityU Convocation pledged to unite alumni in support of the University’s development at its inauguration ceremony on 30 May.
The World Cultural Council (WCC) and CityU jointly announced on 4 June that Professor Jean-Pierre Changeux and Professor Malik Mâaza are the winners of the 2018 WCC Awards.
An internationally acclaimed scholar of wavelet theory, who has significantly advanced digital data processing, has been awarded the William Benter Prize in Applied Mathematics 2018 by CityU.
The 12th Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Award (Engineering Award) was awarded on 30 May to Professor Lu Jian, a materials scientist focusing on structural metallic materials at CityU.
A research team led by Professor Paul Chu Kim-ho, a materials engineering expert at CityU, has developed a capacitive coating that kills bacteria when it is charged with electricity, which can be applied to orthopedic implants such as artificial joints and dental implants.
Professor Jen, CityU Provost, delivers talks at two forums.
CityU presented many of its research projects and won the Special Gold Award at the 2nd China University Scientific and Technological Achievements Fair; while Professor Alex Jen Kwan-yue, Provost of CityU, delivered talks at two forums.
Two graduates from the School of Creative Media won the Best Art Direction Award and the Best Visual Effects Award, respectively, at the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards.
Travel through time at “Cabinets of Curiosities” exhibition
Organised in collaboration with Le French May Arts Festival, the exhibition is being held from 25 May to 19 August at CityU Exhibition Gallery.
principal lunch
A lunch reception hosted by Professor Way Kuo, President, helped to strengthen partnerships with secondary school principals.