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CityU's Annual Report 1998-99 has won two top honours at the New York Annual Report Contest: a Gold Award each in the financial data and non-profit making organization categories.
Have a few things you'd like to say to Bill Clinton-- Call up the White House website and send him an email. Want to find out about the US war machine? Take an introductory course or a Pentagon tour on the Department of Defense homepage. Perhaps your interest lies on the other side of the Atlantic. The British Monarchy and the UK Cabinet Office are also on the Net.
Everyone expected Professor Leung Kwok's inaugural lecture to be interesting. But despite the title, "Justice for All: Psycho-logical Insights for Creating a Fair World", no one could have predicted how useful his insights might be in their daily life.
Researchers from the Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics and the Faculty Laboratory Centre were awarded the largest single CERG ($1.5m) in the Humanities, Social Sciences & Business Studies panel to develop an example-based machine translation (EBMT) system for the specialized language of legislation and legal documents. Their timely investigation will help to address the growing demand for bilingual legal texts as Hong Kong converts to a bilingual legal system.