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The World Cultural Council (WCC) and CityU jointly announced on 4 June that Professor Jean-Pierre Changeux and Professor Malik Mâaza are the winners of the 2018 WCC Awards.
An internationally acclaimed scholar of wavelet theory, who has significantly advanced digital data processing, has been awarded the William Benter Prize in Applied Mathematics 2018 by CityU.
The 12th Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Award (Engineering Award) was awarded on 30 May to Professor Lu Jian, a materials scientist focusing on structural metallic materials at CityU.
A research team led by Professor Paul Chu Kim-ho, a materials engineering expert at CityU, has developed a capacitive coating that kills bacteria when it is charged with electricity, which can be applied to orthopedic implants such as artificial joints and dental implants.
Professor Jen, CityU Provost, delivers talks at two forums.
CityU presented many of its research projects and won the Special Gold Award at the 2nd China University Scientific and Technological Achievements Fair; while Professor Alex Jen Kwan-yue, Provost of CityU, delivered talks at two forums.
Two graduates from the School of Creative Media won the Best Art Direction Award and the Best Visual Effects Award, respectively, at the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards.
Travel through time at “Cabinets of Curiosities” exhibition
Organised in collaboration with Le French May Arts Festival, the exhibition is being held from 25 May to 19 August at CityU Exhibition Gallery.
principal lunch
A lunch reception hosted by Professor Way Kuo, President, helped to strengthen partnerships with secondary school principals.
IAS Distinguished Lecture
The phenomenon of a sliding drop on a surface is far from quantitatively understood, said Professor Dr Hans-Jürgen Butt at the latest IAS Distinguished Lecture on 15 May.
ARTS + iNNOVATION at CityUCRI, which opened on 11 May, will provide public space for applied research, training and incubation for creative media and digital society-related industries.
A new scholarship scheme set up by CityU offers talented applicants help with tuition fees and promotes diverse learning opportunities such as overseas exchanges and leadership training.
A delegation led by Professor Way Kuo, President of CityU, took part in the 13th Xuanzang Road Business School Gobi Challenge held recently. 
CityU distinguished lectures
The role of education for sustainable development and Fu Ssu-nien’s Manifesto of an Institute were the subjects of two CityU Distinguished Lectures.
Professor Kuo delivers the keynote speech at the 2018 Molecular Imaging Instrumentation Conference.
Professor Way Kuo, President of CityU, was invited to be the plenary speaker at the 2018 Molecular Imaging Instrumentation Conference held from 15 to 17 April.
An international research team led by CityU has discovered that diamonds at nanoscale can undergo ultralarge, fully reversible elastic deformation.
A new app for communicating satisfaction with public policies was introduced by Professor Richard Walker on 19 April at the latest talk in the President’s Lecture Series: Excellence in Academia.
Innovative technology turning waste textiles into usable products developed by the School of Energy and Environment earns a gold medal in Geneva.
More than 100 senior secondary students learned how to set goals for their future lives at CityU’s “Setting goals today for a brighter future” programme on 14 April.
CityU France-Hong Kong Distinguished Lecture
A Nobel Laureate in chemistry, Professor Jean-Pierre Sauvage, delivered the latest installment of the France–Hong Kong Distinguished Lecture Series.
Results of the research project titled “A Study of Career Aspirations between university students in Hong Kong and Taiwan” were published by CityU’s College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.
A research project published by CityU on 12 April found significantly divergent views between university students in Hong Kong and Taiwan regarding future career development.
CityU has received a HK$3 million donation from Tin Ka Ping Foundation to fund three programmes to promote Chinese culture.
Professor Shih Shou-chien, Academician at Academia Sinica, delivered a distinguished lecture on the image of modern East Asian women at CityU on 27 March.
Dr Haywood Cheung was conferred the 5th Distinguished Alumni Award of CityU in recognition of his achievements and contributions to the finance sector, CityU and society in Hong Kong.
Social integration through soccer was the theme for a tournament organised by CityU’s City–Youth Empowerment Project and Street Soccer Hong Kong.
On the road
A group of promising young Chinese artists offers a stimulating representation of the media art scene today through 40 fascinating new media artworks to be exhibited at CityU beginning 24 March.